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The question of which country this new soup-organisation should belong to is a very important one. A problem is that legal form depend a lot on potential members. And the only Austrian legal form currently documented in the wiki requires 2 Austrian founders.

If you have some ideas for possible polish legal forms, and any ideas as to why polish legislation might be preferable, please add those to the wiki.

The thing is the alternative: Someone else buys it. Someone who might do exactly what you are saying. This isn't a question between being community owned or staying with the current owners. This is a question between being community owned, being owned by a yet completely unknown entity or the site being closed down.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you that there is little chance any company would want to associate with soup as is.

It doesn't matter what your political views are, what kind of content you post, etc. Getting involved in this now is the best chance you have to ensure you can keep soup the way you like it. (Short of buying it yourself of cause)

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